Skate Humboldt’s 2018 CanPowerSkate Program

The 2018 CanPowerSkate sessions will be starting on August 27th at 5 pm. Skaters are required to pre-register prior to August 24th, 2018. To pre-register, please e-mail or call Larry Durand 306-231-6339 and complete the following linked registration form.

CanPowerSkate is an action-packed, high energy instructional power skating program geared to hockey skaters that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations. CanPowerSkate provides an alternative to figure skating and is an excellent complement for those athletes playing on hockey teams. Its unique skill award program provides incentives and motivation for skaters to continue to achieve.

CanPowerSkate is geared to skaters aged approximately six or older who already have basic forward and backward skating skills (they must be able to skate the length of the rink using alternate strides) and are able to stop on command without use of the boards. For safety reasons participants should wear full hockey equipment that is CSA approved.

Our CanPowerSkate coaches are Chelsea Wytrykusz and Dan Wytrykusz.